Multi-disciplinary Assessment and Treatment | For individuals, families, case managers and solicitors


RA Pschology has experience in the assessment and treatment of a wide array of conditions including traumatic brain injury, psychiatric disorder, disability, learning disability, autism spectrum conditions in children and in adults. This includes nursing, occupational therapy and workplace mediation.

Training | For managers, teams and individuals


Training is an important part of maintaining standards of excellence in every industry. RA Psychology offers training for many purposes including education on psychological techniques for managing mental health, education on conditions, parenting training, behavioural training for nurses, how to manage challenging and sitressing behaviours Rob has provided training to doctorate courses in clinical psychology, law firms, NHS professionals, case managers, and university level therapy courses.

Therapy | For individuals, couples and families


Therapy is a process that aims to bring about beneficial change through directed conversation and activity guided by psychological models. The type of therapy that will be beneficial depends on many factors and an assesment is needed to determine this. Individuals can be seen on their own or with their children or partners.

Employment Support | Helping individuals struggling with their health to stay in work


Returning to work following a period of recovery from mental and/or physical health issues can be difficult. RA Psychology have experience in condition management and work preparation for all stages of this process and in occupational health assessments

RA Psychology Services

Forensic, Court, Insurance and Medico-legal | Sharing psychological expertise  


RA Psychology offers cognitive and diagnostic assessments to support statutory and court processes. RA Psychology specialises in complex capacity assessments, diagnostic assessments, mens rea, fitness to plead and disposal reccomendations. 

Media TV, Radio, Print | Commentary, interview, article and presentation


Dr Rob Agnew has appeared on BBC Radio 4, Local London Radio, LBC Radio and in print  for commentary on a number of issues including NHS reforms in data management, the return-to-work sector and for a psychological perspective on recovery from conditions suffered by media personalities.

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