Autism Diagnostic Testing

The diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder is a lengthy and complicated process. The use of standardised tests such as the ADOS 2 and the ADI - R indicate the gold standard in diagnostic testing in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary approach. The key factors to consider in a diagnostic assessment are:

  • How many clinicians are involved in the assessment; is it a lone clinician or is there more than one professional perspective available?

  • Are the clinicians experienced in working with people with autism spectrum disorders so they can identify the condition?

  • Are the clinicians experienced in other conditions so they can identify those if the diagnosis is not autism spectrum disorder?

  • Are the clinicians qualified in the relevant clinical or health discipline to offer a diagnosis?

  • Do the clinicians follow guidelines set by NICE, the National Autistic Society and/or professional bodies?

  • Do the clinicians have experience working in the relevant context of the client (e.g. hospital, prison)?

  • Do the clinicians have experience working at the relevant age range of the client?

  • Do the clinicians have specialist training in autism spectrum disorder assessment or treatment?

  • Do the clinicians rely on specifically acquired skills in autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and management or on transferable skills acquired with other conditions in their diagnostic work?

Rob works together with Carly Day, consultant occupational therapist, to offer multidisciplinary diagnostic assessment for children and adults. Both Rob and Carly have extensive experience in the treatment and management of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorder in addition to specialist training in autism diagnostic assessment. They undertake work in a variety of contexts including prisons, expert witness evidence for the Courts and in hospitals and community settings. They adhere to guidelines set by NICE, the British Psychological Society and the Royal College of Occupational Therapy and the National Autistic Society.

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