ADHD / Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)/ Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD)

Obtaining a diagnosis of ADHD / ASD / SpLD can be difficult at a time where there is a great and pressing need for clarity and intervention e.g. exam time for students. It can also be an expensive undertaking which can in itself be prohibitive to many individuals who are not well resourced. In addition individuals often have other undiagnosed conditions which exacerbate or mimic ADHD/ASD/SpLD and these may need to be considered also if treatment is to be effective.

RA Psychology Ltd can offer inexpensive, quick, but through diagnostic assessments for children, adolescents and adults. Individuals can usually be seen within a week of referral and issued with a diagnosis (if appropriate) on the same day. A referral then can be made for medication if requested and RA Psychology Ltd refers to a specifically experienced provider for this service who works under a 'shared care protocol' with the client's GP. 

In addition to medication and diagnosis RA Psychology Ltd can also provide ongoing psychological intervention for the management of these conditions where medication may not be the preferred option or as a supplemental approach. RA Psychology Ltd is also available to provide training to organisations on these (and other) conditions. 

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